2023 Research Seminars

The Spring Seminar took place 27-31 March in Brescia. The Autumn 2023 Seminar took place 11-15 September in Milan. Photogallery.


Location & accommodation

The Autumn 2023 Research Training Seminar on the internationalisation of higher education was held at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan Campus. 

The seminar provides training for doctoral students in research design, critical thinking and effective writing. There are sessions on current research by the academic team on internationalisation of higher education, and all students are given the opportunity to present their work and receive feedback.


The seminar fee includes attendance at the in-person seminar, plus access to the online programme which is held between October and March.  The fee also includes the welcome aperitivo, the CHEI community dinner, and refreshments during the breaks. 


The CHEI Research Training Seminar is held twice a year and is open to a broad international community of students and scholars with an interest in the internationalisation of higher education.  Our current students come from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Russian Federation, Spain, Sweden, and the United States.