Research Fellow

Olivia Mair has worked with CHEI since 2016 as an educational developer and since September 2020 as a research fellow. Her main research project regards Internationalisation of the Curriculum in an Italian university. She is particularly interested in gathering students’ perspectives of IoC as worldwide, more is known about how academics engage with it. Although neither internationalisation of the curriculum (IoC) or internationalisation at home (IaH) is a new concept, a focus on them is a recent development in Italian higher education. Olivia’s research thus aims to shed light on internationalization in the disciplines in Italy.

Other research interests include faculty development, English-Medium Instruction and early foreign language learning. She teaches in the English linguistics programme in the faculty of Language Science and Foreign Literature.

In addition to research, Olivia is involved in other CHEI projects, most recently coordinating Work Package 6 in the NEAR (NEwly ARrived in a common home) project, funded by the European Asylum and Migration Fund. WP6 focused on improving the experience of newly arrived degree-seeking students in Milan, Perugia, Nicosia and Lisbon. Data gathered from focus groups will be used by CHEI for research on the inclusion and adaptation of international degree-seeking students. See

Inspired by preliminary findings from the NEAR project, CHEI has designed and set up Glocal Connections, a new project that focuses on friendship, inclusion and intercultural competence for local and international students. The project has the support of Istituto Toniolo and involves students exploring the local community in intercultural teams.

In February 2022 Olivia held an invited workshop on Assessment for the International Classroom as part of the Turin Polytechnic’s Teaching and Learning Week.

Recent publications:

Internationalization at Home. Students’ expectations of teaching and learning in an international study programme. In A.C. Murphy (Ed.), Steps towards internationalization at home, (pp. 17-35). Vita e Pensiero, 2022.

Online Input and EMI Pedagogy in the COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy. In F. Costa & C. Mariotti (Eds.), Input in English-Medium Instruction, (pp. 97-110). Abingdon & New York: Routledge, 2023. (with F. Costa)

Multimodality and Pronunciation in ICLHE (Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education) Training. Journal of Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching. 2022. (with F. Costa)

Il Faculty Development per contesti internazionali: su quali aspetti puntare? In A. Lotti, F. Bracco, M. M. Carnasciali, G. Crea, S. Garbarino, M. Rossi, M. Rui & E. Scellato (Eds.), Faculty Development: la via italiana, (pp. 458-473). Genova University Press, 2023.



Recent conference papers:

Collaborative online international faculty development: the role of reflective learning. Conference paper at the fourth national faculty development conference Il ruolo del Faculty Development nello sviluppo delle Università, University of Genova, January 2023.   

Innovation and Adaptation in Adversity. EMI online in Italian universities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Conference paper presented at the conference EMI, ICLHE and Englishization: Reflecting on the changing university in Maastricht, October 2022. (with F. Costa)


Dolly Predovic is the founder of Career Paths, a consulting and holding company operating in the fields of career counseling and higher education. Before founding Career Paths, she was professor of Corporate Finance at Bocconi University in Milano. Dolly is the President of the Advocacy Committee on Education of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, and sits on a number of Supervisory Board of banks and telecoms. Her research focuses on international work experiences, employability, and cultural agility. Dolly holds a PhD in Higher Education Internationalization from CHEI Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and is a CHEI Fellow.   


Visnja Schampers-Car was born in Croatia and has been living and working in the Netherlands since 1996. She is a lecturer and tutor of Master’s thesis students at the MBA program offered by Saxion University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with University of Greenwich in London. She founded the company “Coaching Academics Netherlands”, which focuses on tutoring, mentoring and coaching in higher education. Her doctoral research centred on the internationalisation of Roman Catholic higher education institutions in Europe and the relation between Catholic identity and internationalisation in those institutions. Her research was published in a book Identity and Internationalization in Catholic Universities: Exploring Institutional Pathways in Context, co-edited with Hans de Wit, Fiona Hunter et al.